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Sigrid has not restriced herself solely to Antwerp when photographing the world. After 1995, when she gained her Master’s degree in photography at the LUCA school of Arts in Brussels, she set to work as a freelancer in numerous countries.

Her camera lens is her omnipresent eye during trips around the world : Egypt, Cuba, Vietnam, Togo… Sigrid also spent three years living in Mozambique. Spinnox records the world as it passes her by, or as she passes it by. Sometimes she is on assignment to NGO’s, sometimes you will find her in the streets of her hometown Antwerp working for the City of Antwerp. Lately her focus shifts more to her own work.

You will find her rarely in the heat of the moment, but when everybody left she will be the one who is an eyewitness to see how people had survived their trials and tribulations. However, she is also witness to people’s success and failures where ever she is. Sigrid photographs her subjects with compassion, respect and warmth.

This feeling she also achieves through her body of work she does for the Ministry of Education of the Belgian government. During her work for humanitarian organizations she became more and more aware of the importance of education for every child. Sigrid also considers this one of her most important tasks as a photographer to portray children and their needs all over the world. In the end they are our future.

Over the years, her attention in her own work has become a quest of finding silence. After a road trip through Namibia she was overwhelmed by the silence of nature and the phenomenon called earth. Facinated by nature she tries to reflect this silence in her landscapes. The bright colours you have experienced in her early work are fading more and more. And some times her landscapes are not much else then a lost cloud. In this way she’s trying to expresse ther solitude she feels when photographing nature.